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3 Toddler Behavior Problems Parents Need to Address

3 Toddler Behavior Problems Parents Need to Address

No matter how much we love our little baby, we can all agree that toddlers can sometimes be a lot to handle.

However, there are these behavior problems we face on a day-to-day basis. We may be tempted to just brush these off like it did not happen, but it is better to address them as soon as possible.

Little Angels Preschool, the leading childcare services in Chino, California, presents 3 toddler behavior problems that you need to address:

  1. Interrupting

    There are times when we are talking with friends or on the phone and our angel suddenly interrupts us. And the thing is, when we do give them our attention in the middle of our conversation, their sharing is not that big of a deal.

    What to do:

    When your child interrupts you, excuse yourself first from the conversation. Tell your little one that you promise to go back to him or her right after the conversation. Then when the conversation does end, give your full attention to what your child wants to say.

    You should not ignore these instances because there may be something your child is eager to share with you or ask you. If you continue to let them butt in, they will never learn the value of consideration to others.

  2. Rough Playing

    Playing is a child’s best pastime. It is also where he or she gets to learn various skills. Once your child is being violent with playmates, you need to step in. We have seen numerous cases as a childcare center in California.

    If you do not do anything about such rough behavior, no matter how small it is like pinching or pushing, it may become his or her habit.

    What to do:

    Once you see aggressiveness in playtime, pull him or her out of play. Confront your little one and process everything that just happened. Explain to him or her why the action is wrong.

  3. Exaggerating the Truth

    People always acclaim that children are the most suitable witness because they do not lie. In actuality, we know that there is a certain period of their life that they begin to twist or even exaggerate the truth.

    Children will always be children. You have seen them alter stories like saying they have been to Disney World or have finished doing their chores when they have not.

    This may not seem like a problem but when this persists, your little one may turn into a compulsive liar just to please people.

    What to do:

    After catching your kid lying, sit down and set the record straight. Process why he or she should not do the act again.

It is important that we teach values to our kids and it is as equally important to leave them in an environment that fosters good behavior.

We know you have some experiences to share. What are other toddler behavior problems you want to be addressed? Share them in the comments section and help other parents too.

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