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4 Tips: What to Do Before Your Child Steps on the Playground


Parenting is thinking about millions of scenarios that could happen to your child in a single minute. Some scenarios are pretty easy to handle but others can become quite complicated.

Here are some things Little Angels Preschool listed regarding facts, reminders, and values you need to teach your child before they step on a playground:

  1. Encourage your child to have fun on the playground. 

    The playground is a wonderful place a child needs to be in whether they are in the neighborhood park or in a childcare facility. It is where they socialize, gain friends, create memories, and develop stronger bones and muscles.

    Tell your little one that the playground is where they can run and most of all – play. This is not only the most suitable place for them to learn but also to spend that pent-up energy. As we all know, children are balls of energy. Telling them the playground is a place to play gives them the notion that there are specific places where it is appropriate to play.

  2. Tell your kid to be nice to other kids. 

    As a childcare center in California, we provide our young adventurers with opportunities to interact with other kids their age. Many children learn to communicate with other kids in the playground. It is there they meet different kids with unique personalities and background.

    Because they are in a place where many children gather, they need to be reminded to be nice with other kids. This is the greatest opportunity your child can learn to be empathetic. Do not forget to remind them this.

  3. Avoid hovering as much as possible. 

    When you are a parent of a 2 or 3-year old, you cannot help but always follow them on the playground in case they trip or fall. It may be for a good reason; after all, nobody wants to see their kids get hurt. But if you continuously do so, your child will always be dependent on you.

    That is why avoid hovering as much as possible. Let your child learn by themselves. You can watch from a distance but do not get too close as if you are following him or her everywhere they go.

  4. Learn to relax 

    Parenting is the hardest task on earth. But we cannot blame anyone. You are, in fact, raising a human being to become a productive member of the society. That is why when you are on the playground, you have to learn to relax.

    And if you want to distance yourself and unwind from such a parenting challenge for a little bit, you can receive childcare services in Chino, California. Everybody needs a break and we think you deserve one, too.

What is your child’s first playground experience? Do you have any amusing playground experiences with your child? Why not share them in the comment section below?

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