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5 Ways To Promote Independence In Your Preschoolers

5 Ways To Promote Independence In Your Preschoolers

Being independent is an important life skill for any adult. It will help them do things on their own without having to rely on anyone for its completion.

As early as preschool, children should already know how to be independent. Parents have a role to play in promoting independence in their preschoolers, especially when they are already set to attend childcare services in Chino, California. Give these suggestions a try.

  1. Identify the things they can do on their own.

    When they have already reached a certain age, they are already capable of doing a couple of tasks. Help them identify the tasks that they can already do and complete on their own. For instance, they might already be able to put on their shirts themselves before going to their childcare centre in California.

    Ask them what tasks they are confident of doing. Most of the time, they would want to complete such task not because you want them to do it but because they want you to see that they can do it.

  2. Prioritize tasks.

    Make sure you do not overwhelm your preschoolers with the different tasks they should do. Prioritize the tasks accordingly.

  3. Allow enough time.

    Your children will not be able to complete the tasks in just a couple of seconds. They are still learning so it will surely take time.

    In this case, give them enough time. If they take around 10 minutes to put on their clothes, start the task 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled departure to their childcare facility. Not only will they exercise their independence, you will also avoid getting stressed out.

  4. Make room for mistakes.

    Preschoolers are not born perfect. In fact, everyone pretty much aren’t. They cannot perfect a task after just one try. Give them room for mistakes. Avoid perfectionism. Instead, if they make mistakes, help them find solutions to correct such mistakes. If they need improvement, don’t belittle your children. Teach them instead.

  5. Give praise.

    Most often than not, children will continue doing good things if they receive praise from doing them. Praise your preschoolers when it is due. Be specific as to why they are receiving a compliment from you.

Little Angels Preschool aims to help your preschoolers learn about independence so they can grow to be independent citizens of our nation. Give us a call today to ask about our programs.

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