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Author Archives: Louise Savoie

Developing Locomotor Movements Through Fun and Active Learning

Children are fast learners. They are new to everything, and they will always want to know how things work. At Little Angels Preschool, we promote locomotor development by exposing them to various stimuli and piquing their interests through sensory learning. … Continue reading

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Good Sleep: Ensuring Quality Fun Time in School

Children are like rechargeable toys. They can keep going and going for a whole day and have uninterrupted energy while at play. But when they run out of power, they can simply fall asleep anywhere. So make sure you supply … Continue reading

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5 Ways To Promote Independence In Your Preschoolers

Being independent is an important life skill for any adult. It will help them do things on their own without having to rely on anyone for its completion. As early as preschool, children should already know how to be independent. … Continue reading

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How To Help Your Toddlers Ease Into Childcare

Transitioning from home to childcare can be a challenge for many kids and parents. But, since it is integral to the development of your toddlers, you will have to do what you can to help them ease into childcare. Consider … Continue reading

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Is Spoiling Your Child Way Too Much?

We are parents who want nothing but to give our children everything good out there possible; things that we were either deprived of as kids or simply the same privileges we enjoyed in our childhood. It may come to a … Continue reading

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