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Language Development in Children: What Can Adults Do?

Kids have a language only they can understand. Their imaginations are colorful, and their views of the world are so simple but profound, at least for them. It is not uncommon for adults to be thrown by kids with questions … Continue reading

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4 Ways to Foster Your Child’s Creativity

A lot of people assume that children are either born smart or creative. Little Angels Preschool, a provider of childcare services in Chino, California, thinks otherwise. Truth be told, creativity is more of a skill than an inborn talent. You … Continue reading

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4 Tips: What to Do Before Your Child Steps on the Playground

Parenting is thinking about millions of scenarios that could happen to your child in a single minute. Some scenarios are pretty easy to handle but others can become quite complicated. Here are some things Little Angels Preschool listed regarding facts, … Continue reading

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Skipping the Boring Introduction: 4 Creative Get-to-Know-You Activities for Preschoolers

The first day of school can be a nerve-wracking experience for children. You do not want to add more to their anxiety by forcing them to introduce themselves in front of the class. Instead of the typical “Hi, I am…”, … Continue reading

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6 Ways You Can Make Your Little One Look Forward to Their First Day of School

Sending your little one to school at a young age is essential for their growth and development. Child psychologists say that the first few years of their life is the most important stage. It is during this stage that they … Continue reading

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