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What Can You Do to Prepare Your Child for School?

Sending your kids to school is a day that every parent is both excited for and dreads at the same time. So before you send off your little ones, it is important to make sure they are well prepared. This … Continue reading

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How Can Music Benefit Your Little One?

Music is an important part of our growth as a society. It is deeply ingrained in every culture, and it is not just a form of entertainment, but rather, it can also help the cognitive development of our children. There … Continue reading

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How We Create a Positive Classroom Environment

Effective teaching involves exploring opportunities to increase student learning. It is focused on making the most out of every resource including the classroom environment. An excellent classroom environment is conducive to learning by staging the physical space available, encouraging cooperation … Continue reading

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Preschool Parenting: What Kind of Parent Are You?

Did you know that the decisions you make as a parent every day can say about the kind of preschool parent you are? Every parent of the young ones will always want the best for their kids. But they differ … Continue reading

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Exciting Activities to Keep Your Kids in Shape

Childhood obesity is a serious problem affecting many children across the world. Obesity can cause many different kinds of serious health issues in our children including diabetes, so it is critical that we are finding ways to combat this issue. … Continue reading

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