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How We Create a Positive Classroom Environment


Effective teaching involves exploring opportunities to increase student learning. It is focused on making the most out of every resource including the classroom environment. An excellent classroom environment is conducive to learning by staging the physical space available, encouraging cooperation among students and maintaining a positive climate. Here’s how our Little Angels Preschool maintains a positive classroom environment.

Create an Atmosphere That Encourages Student Participation

We maximize our classroom’s physical space that includes organization of every piece of furniture and equipment inside it. Our contemporary classroom allows for different seating arrangements and maximum visibility of students. This is necessary as we involve children in various group activities. We look for creative ways for children to explore and learn in the environment through the impressions our wall space offers. Also, we strive to maintain bulletin boards that allow kids to interact by highlighting major facts.

Encourage Children to Cooperate

When it comes to maintaining a positive classroom environment, student cooperation is important. That is why we created clearly defined rules and routines that allow children to smoothly transition between classes and activities. In order to have more amount of structured time, we ensure all materials are readily available. Our teachers always have a plan for each hour of the day. We have activities to keep kids occupied and interested in their stay at our childcare facility.

Encourage Kids to Collaborate

To maintain a good classroom environment, we encourage children to contribute to building a community inside the classroom. We aim to help them establish positive relationships with other kids and their teacher and learn to work as a group. To achieve this, our teachers lead kids by example. They show a caring attitude toward every child and deal with conflicts patiently and calmly. We encourage kids to treat others with respect to improve collaboration among them.

It may take your little ones a while to get used to the routines and remember classroom manners. However, once most of them get the hang of it, they will teach others. Also, they learn from each other and look after each other. This leads to a positive classroom behavior. As a provider of childcare services in Chino, California we keep rules and routine simple and introduce them one at a time.

Establish a Positive Classroom Culture

A classroom environment that is conducive to learning promotes a good quality of life in the classroom. We recognize our role as the main contributor in creating the culture. Studies have shown that students who like their classroom and do well in their studies have supportive and caring teachers. Our teachers prepare well-organized lessons and allow kids to take part in relevant and interesting activities. A positive classroom culture leads to limited conflict and lowered anxiety and stress levels. We establish learning environments where kids feel physically, socially, psychologically and culturally secure.

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