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Developing Locomotor Movements Through Fun and Active Learning


Children are fast learners. They are new to everything, and they will always want to know how things work. At Little Angels Preschool, we promote locomotor development by exposing them to various stimuli and piquing their interests through sensory learning. Giving them hands-on experiences allows them to be more attuned to how things feel, smell, sound, taste, and operate. If we keep telling them “no, you cannot touch this”, we are hindering them from gaining new knowledge.

Through activities at our childcare centre in California, your kids’ sensory learning be developed through locomotor movements. They can also learn to be independent while developing their bones and muscles. Consider the following activities:

  • Walking Up to Objects
    When children are exposed to holding objects and having a close look at them, they get firsthand knowledge on how the object smells, weighs, tastes, sounds, and looks.
  • Jumping and Dancing
    Children naturally like to dance and move about. Our programs are designed to get children moving. This helps them become more aware of their surroundings. Movement lessens their feeling of restriction even if they are in a confined space. Movement, such as jumping and dancing, can get them excited, especially with music. These movements release their stored energy while also learning.
  • Running and Skipping
    Games actively build the interest of children to be faster and more skillful in completing the leg of a game. It also develops their unique individuality as they learn to be a part of a team and later on, become team players in life. Through locomotor movements, sensory learning is experienced at a more interactive level where it requires more movement in children like running from one corner of the classroom to bring a shape to the other end of the classroom. All this is taking place in one activity.

Holistic learning is possible through our programs and childcare services in Chino, California. We give emphasis on the social development of young children. Enhance the grace and movement of your toddler as they interact with young explorers at Little Angels Preschool.

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