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Good Sleep: Ensuring Quality Fun Time in School


Children are like rechargeable toys. They can keep going and going for a whole day and have uninterrupted energy while at play. But when they run out of power, they can simply fall asleep anywhere. So make sure you supply your children with sufficient hours of sleep for more fun and learning at Little Angels Preschool.

Our programs are enriched to provide our young and active learners with fun and quality childcare services in Chino, California. Your children can hugely enjoy the following benefits from getting the right amount of sleep every night:

  • Develops Brain Functions

    Children who have enough hours of sleep give their bodies more time to develop as their brain functions are simultaneously growing with them. Both sides of their brains, right for creativity and left for logic, equally get the chance to develop properly as these are not always tired and over functioning. With properly developed brains, this makes them better problem-solvers and analytical thinkers later on life.

  • Gives Them Focus.

    Children who consistently sleep right will naturally have the focus needed in learning because they will learn to appreciate that there is always time for everything. When they are well-rested, they do not get irritable easily because they have their energy focused on discovering and playing. Irritability and moodiness are common in both adults and children when they are not in tip-top shape

  • Helps Maintain Stable Emotions

    When kids are focused and are generally aware of the things going on around them, they can communicate and express themselves better and have more stable emotions. Children do not really need all the expensive toys out in the market. What they prefer are loving parents who understand and support them with every new discovery.

Our childcare centre in California gives priority to the social development of our children through interactive learning as they are also being prepared for their bigger days in school and in life.

Encourage your little one to get enough sleep, so they can be prepared for the big world as they discover new firsts at Little Angels Preschool.

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