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Language Development in Children: What Can Adults Do?

Language Development in Children What Can Adults Do
Kids have a language only they can understand. Their imaginations are colorful, and their views of the world are so simple but profound, at least for them. It is not uncommon for adults to be thrown by kids with questions that are difficult to explain or simply too technical that it needs Google’s help.

The interactions at home have the thickest contribution to the child’s language and communication. Thus, in addition to books and audio-visual learning materials, adults should also take part in conversation-making. Here are a few tips on how this can be done effectively:

  1. Know when to stop the baby-talk. It can’t be helped to coo and be a little exaggerated in word sounds when talking to babies. They evoke this reaction to almost everyone because of how adorable they look. While baby talk actually helps toddlers learn how to speak, it hinders proper language development in the long run. Gradually replace baby terms with proper ones such as “getting hurt or wounded” for “boo-boo”. This way kids know what word to use when conversing with the greater population.
  2. Take the time to give an extensive explanation. Don’t give it up to magic and sorcery when you tire from the endless questions ran by your child. Read articles and explanations online! Condense facts into understandable concepts. Use examples if necessary. They’re going to find out about these things in school anyway, but it would be nice to hear it from you first hand. You might spark an interest in them; for instance, in science, after they learned why the sky is blue and not any other color.
  3. Tell your kids why you do the things you do at home. Our daily routine is very much dictated by our lifestyle, culture, financial status, and traditions. Because they are routines, their value can easily be taken for granted. For instance, having to eat three meals a day is normal. However, telling your kids that not everyone gets the chance to enjoy food that frequently on a daily basis brings mealtime to a different perspective. Emphasizing that you’re blessed helps kids become grateful for what you have and grow compassion for those who are less fortunate. As a result, when dealing with people in different settings, they can consider this aspect in life and become more sensitive towards their needs. In another hand, it is also important to explain why you celebrated certain occasions whether be it a worldwide event like Christmas and New Year or religion-based like Easter, Ramadan, or Hanukkah. Learning how these affect their lives as individuals helps kids understand themselves better in connection to the larger society. It is also a good way to pass on traditions and preserve practices that are embedded in your family values.

A little time and effort are all it takes to pitch into your wee one’s language development. Enrolling them in a childcare facility with age-appropriate programs also contributes significantly to their holistic learning. In California, Little Angels Preschool is the place to go! We are experienced in childcare services in Chino, California so you can entrust your precious ones to our supervision. For more information, give us a call at 909-591-1167!

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