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Preschool Parenting: What Kind of Parent Are You?

Preschool Parenting: What Kind of Parent Are You

Did you know that the decisions you make as a parent every day can say about the kind of preschool parent you are? Every parent of the young ones will always want the best for their kids. But they differ in what they think they are right. Preschool parents can be submissive, authoritative or authoritarian and more. As a provider of childcare services in Chino, California, we encourage you to recognize the type of parent you are:

  • An Always Busy Parent

    You are probably a parent who has too much to do and cannot attend any parent meeting in your kid’s preschool. Despite the school’s letters, notes and personal conversations with you, you still claim you did not know about school activities you were invited in. You are a very busy parent that you have no time to get involved in your kid’s learning.

  • An Over Protective Parent

    You do not want your child to get harmed in school so you dress them in layers of clothing even during sunny days. You prohibit your child from eating sweets at all costs. Indeed, you even emphasize that you don’t want them to get messy in school even during important activities such as finger painting.

  • A Pessimist

    You are a parent who sees the worst aspect of things and you rarely see anything positive about your child’s experiences in the center. You almost don’t have something good to say about their childcare facility and even compare it with the center your friend chose.

  • A Permissive Parent

    You do not want to set limits and boundaries for your child, even if you have observed that they tend to get aggressive and disruptive. You are too permissive that even if your little one gets out of control, you think that this too shall pass. You do not care about guiding your child’s behavior.

  • An Open-Minded Volunteer

    You love to volunteer in your child’s childcare center that you already act like a teacher. You spend a lot of times in the classroom, bring special treats for kids and the teacher and organize educational trips. You respect the teacher and appreciate how they care for your child. You actively take part in your child’s education.

Little Angels Preschool understands that parents differ in parenting styles and personalities. We want to involve them in preparing kids for formal school. We encourage them to attend school events and programs and respond to letters that we send them. Our childcare center in California encourages parents to be attentive to what their children need. Although there is no way we can design a perfect parent, we want to use our ability to communicate with them and encourage them to partner with us.

If you are looking for a childcare center that cares for you and your child, talk to us at 909-591-1167.

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