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Skipping the Boring Introduction: 4 Creative Get-to-Know-You Activities for Preschoolers

Skipping the Boring Introduction: 4 Creative Get-to-Know-You Activities for Preschoolers
The first day of school can be a nerve-wracking experience for children. You do not want to add more to their anxiety by forcing them to introduce themselves in front of the class. Instead of the typical “Hi, I am…”, why not hold a fun get-to-know-you activity instead?

One of the reputable providers of childcare services in Chino, California, Little Angels Preschool, lists some creative and fun get-to-know-you activities you can introduce to your preschoolers:

  1. Pass the Ball

    Ask the children to sit in a circle. Present a ball (preferably a colorful one) and instruct them that whoever has the ball should: (a) say their name, (b) mention their favorite color, and (c) answer a question from one of their classmates. Once done, ask them to roll the ball to another child, who gets to do the same thing.

  2. A Great Wind Blows

    Tell the preschoolers to bring their respective chairs in the middle and form a circle. The chairs must face the middle. Then, ask them to sit down. The teacher will stand outside the circle and calls out, “A great wind blows for everyone who…” (Fill in the blank with something that will affect a group of children, such as: has a younger sibling, has been outside the county, etc.) The children who are affected by the statement must stand and exchange chairs with the others who are also affected. The teacher will then get one chair. The child who cannot find a chair moves outside the circle and helps the teacher come up with another statement.

  3. Picture Share

    Instruct the children to bring a picture from home. The picture must describe them in any way. For instance, they can bring a picture of their pet, a picture of their fondest vacation trip, or a baby picture of them. All the pictures will be taped to the board. The teacher should start first by telling the pupils the story behind the picture. After sharing, the teacher will then point to another picture on the board. The child who owns the picture will be the next one to share the story of the picture they bought.

  4. Where Do You Stand?

    Divide the classroom into two sides (Side A and Side B). Draw a line with a chalk down the center. Ask the pupils to stand on the said line. The teacher will then throw two choices. If the child chooses the first one, they should go to Side A. If they choose the second one, they should go to Side B. Here are some of the choices you can give to the preschoolers:

    1. Math or science?
    2. Cat or dog?
    3. Apple or orange?
    4. Blue or pink?
    5. Morning or evening?

Several studies posit that children learn better if they are having fun. The same is true when they are learning about each other. Can you think of other fun get-to-know-you activities for preschoolers?

When choosing the right childcare facility for your tot, opt for one that encourages fun learning, like Little Angels Preschool.

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