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Is Spoiling Your Child Way Too Much?


We are parents who want nothing but to give our children everything good out there possible; things that we were either deprived of as kids or simply the same privileges we enjoyed in our childhood. It may come to a point where we lose our disciplinarian side and become more indulgent. There is nothing wrong with being a little generous. However, you might be causing more harm to your child than you think. Here are four reasons why:

  1. Having things easy is the dream! In this time and age of instant-everything from food to transactions to information, a little inconvenience may immediately wind us irritable and frustrated. The same thing goes for our kids. When we give them what they want as soon as they request it, they might not be able to take in frustrations very well in the real world especially when most things do not come for free and are earned. It is essential that we teach them the value of hard work. One way to do so is to engage in a reward system.
  2. Psychologically, immediate gratification has implications in the child’s self-control and regulation. If they are so used to not pushing off wants for more rational and practical choices, they might be more impulsive than most kids. They tend to make poor decisions in a lot of aspects in life such as health and finances and are prone to accidents. They eat excessively, spend too quickly, and avoid grunt work, making them a bit too dependent and difficult to work within a group.
  3. They can easily be dissatisfied with what they have. Because spoiled kids don’t need to work hard, beg, and plea for the things they want and have, these things are not attached with a with a certain value that allows them to treasure these and be grateful. As human beings, we never run out of things to want. Therefore, once the sought-after is within reach, kids will begin looking for more things to acquire. This is when dissatisfaction and unfulfillment come to play.
  4. Kids might have the wrong source of self-worth. Surrounded with so much indulgence, kids may associate their worth with material things and not with values.

Love comes in all forms and sizes, not only in the tangible things attached with price and allure. Teach your kids the value of hard work in addition to giving them the joy in life. For more information about childcare services in Chino, California, contact our experts at Little Angels Preschool through 909-591-1167. You can also visit our childcare facility to know about the different programs we offer.

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