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Tantrums No More: Seven Useful Tips to Deal with Your Toddler’s Temper Tantrums


“My child sometimes throw a fit. They scream, roll on the floor, and even throw things. What should I do?”

Every now and then, children experience meltdowns. This is especially true for youngsters below four years old. One minute they are laughing and the next minute they are whimpering and whining because of some petty stuff (i.e. “My toy fell on the floor!”). Is this normal? It definitely is! It is part of being a child. There are, however, some ways you can do to deal with their temper tantrums. Little Angels Preschool, a provider of Childcare Services in Chino, California, elaborates on some of these:

  1. Make your home toddler-friendly.The first tip we recommend is by “toddler-proofing” your home. When children experience temper tantrums, they sometimes throw some things. Make sure that breakable and sharp things are kept out of reach.
  2. Distract them.Toddlers have a short attention span. They are easily distracted. Use this to your advantage. Whenever they are having a meltdown, distract whatever is causing it. Give them their favorite toy or play their favorite song or television show.
  3. Bring snacks with you.Food cures almost everything, including your little one’s temper tantrums. One of the underlying reasons for your child’s meltdown may be due to being hungry. To deal with their tantrum, bring some snacks with you wherever you go.
  4. Avoid losing your cool. When your toddler is in the middle of a tantrum, it cannot be helped to keep yourself from having your own fit too. Well, try your best not to be affected. It can just worsen your toddler’s tantrums. If you shout at them, they will probably just shout back at you.
  5. Never give in. Giving in to what they are crying over may help you escape the situation. But this will just teach your child that they can have all they want by throwing a tantrum. Do not let them control you.
  6. Ignore them.When your child is having a meltdown, their emotions take over. During this episode, they do not care about your reasoning. As the author of The Kazdin Method for Parenting the Defiant, Alan Kazdin, amazingly puts it, “Once you’re in a situation where someone’s drowning, you can’t teach them to swim…and it’s the same with tantrums.” Just wait for your little one to calm down. Child psychologists suggest that tantrums usually last for three minutes.
  7. Never fail to show your little one how much you love them. Once your child calms down, have a heart-to-heart talk with them. Ask them what caused their tantrum and tell them that throwing a fit will not help them solve their dilemma. Assure them that you will always be available for a talk and that you love them so much.
  8. Looking for a Childcare Centre in California? Put Little Angels Preschool on your list. We offer various programs suitable for your child’s age. If you want to schedule a tour visit, please contact 909-591-1167.

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