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Toddlerhood Fun Facts: Ten Interesting Facts about Toddlerhood Every Parent Should Know

Toddlerhood-Fun-Facts Ten-Interesting-Facts-about-Toddlerhood-Every-Parent-Should-Know

Toddlerhood is an incredibly rich phase of development for children. It is during this period that their brain develops, as well as their personality. To be able to get your head around what happens during toddlerhood, Little Angels Preschool lays down some fun facts surrounding it.

  1. Left-Handed vs. Right-Handed
    Children are ambidextrous. This simply means that they can use both of their hands. They can write with their right hand, but use a spoon with their left. That is because toddlers do not usually begin to favor a specific hand until they reach the age of two or three years old.
  2. The Incredible Hearers
    Tots can hear almost everything with their pair of ears. In fact, they have better hearing than adults. They can hear what we cannot hear. This is because toddlers have not yet learned how to block out certain high frequencies. Their hearing naturally decreases in sharpness due to aging and noise pollution.
  3. The Super Brainy Tots
    It is from birth to three years old that a child’s brain develops at its fastest rate. Researchers even say that a child has formed one thousand trillion brain connections by the time they reach three years old. This is around twice as many as adults!
  4. The Temperamental Children
    Children below four years old are not able to express themselves completely. They do not yet speak well. To express their anger, frustration, and sadness, they throw a fit. They whimper, whine, roll on the floor, throw things, and scream. But do not worry, this is just a normal part of childhood.
  5. The Energetic Ones
    If you have a two-year-old baby, be sure that you are well-prepared to handle their energy. Child development psychologists indicate that two-year-old children are generally more active than at any other point in their life.
  6. Understanding Language vs. Speaking Words
    As cited from BabyCenter, one-year-old babies can understand about seventy words already. However, they can only speak a handful of them. By the age of three, their spoken vocabulary starts to increase significantly.
  7. The Fast Growers
    Toddlers grow overnight, and we mean this literally. They grow in spurts, up to half an inch in one day. This happens during their sleep.
  8. The Inquisitive Little Ones
    You have probably noticed how your little one is curious about almost everything. They watch every behavior you (and other people) make, even peeing! They just cannot get enough of learning new things.
  9. The Seekers of Answers
    The average four-year-old will ask a total of 437 questions a day. Many of which are simply “WHY?” 437! Do you think you can manage that?
  10. Nature v. Nurture
    Other people believe that genes determine how your child turns out as an adult. There are some who agree that environmental factors determine it. Which one is it really? We actually believe that both play important roles in your youngster’s development.

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