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How To Help Your Toddlers Ease Into Childcare


Transitioning from home to childcare can be a challenge for many kids and parents. But, since it is integral to the development of your toddlers, you will have to do what you can to help them ease into childcare.

Consider the following suggestions.

  1. Discuss why kids go to childcare.
    Talk to your children about the reasons why many parents engage in childcare services in Chino, California. Tell them why you need to go to work and that you need someone to look after them for their safety and for your peace of mind.
    It will be best to talk to them months before their actual start into childcare. Also, set expectations as to what they can expect from the facility such as meeting new friends or playing with various toys.
  2. Tell them stories or read books about childcare.
    There are many books that talk about childcare. These are stories that portray characters going to childcare. Upon hearing these stories, your children might get inspired to go to the facility or know what they might experience when attending one.
  3. Make a few visits to the chosen facility beforehand.
    Let your kids attend your chosen childcare facility a couple of times before the actual start of their childcare. Each visit should last about an hour or two but not the entire day. This will help your children get a feel of what it’s like to be in a childcare facility. At the same time, they will also adjust better when the actual day starts.
  4. Let them bring an item from home.
    A familiar item or belonging that they can readily associated with your home can help in the transition. Let them bring one to childcare every day. It can be a toy, a blanket or another item. Give them the freedom to make their choices.
  5. Talk to the providers.
    Most of the time, children will trust the people their parents also trust. So, it is important to have a chat with the staff of the childcare centre in California about how your children are settling into their new environment. Communicate with the care providers about certain preferences that might be of great use to them in looking after your kids.

Enrolling your children at Little Angels Preschool will give your children the chance to experience and learn from a safe, nurturing environment. You and other parents will also have peace of mind knowing that our competent staff will be there for your kids. Call us today for inquiries about our programs.

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